Ryan's Kitchen

Welcome to My restaurant, Ryan's Kitchen. In Franschhoek, a town filled with any number of dining options, we offer something quite unique. We have developed a restaurant with a cosy and home styled dining lounge feel where almost all tables are a "Chef's Table's".

An interactive concept between kitchen and table has become a must see for guests with a genuine interest in not only food and cooking but the process of preparation as well. With a limited number of tables inside (as well as space outside weather dependent), attention is assured. Our terrace provides a fantastic venue for the less drama filled lunch menu as well as those warm summer evenings for dinner.

Most of my career has been spent in Michelin schools worldwide, so with the concept of Ryan’s Kitchen I was adamant that I wanted to serve modern South African cuisine in my restaurant. It would be driven by local and indigenous ingredients, historical and cultural references...and I would like to think imagination, flair and ingenuity. In light of this we offer what we like to consider a "smaller" tasting menu with options as well as our signature "Taste of Africa" menu.

Myself and my wife, Lana, look forward to welcoming you to the restaurant.